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Journal Entry: Thu May 26, 2016, 5:55 PM
I know it's been a long time since my last journal and I have this uneasy feeling this decision may bite me in the arse, but here goes.  Keep in mind that I had thought of this proposal for a long time.

At the present I am in a quandary.  My premium membership is going to expire within two weeks and it's a luxury I cannot afford at this time.  However, I am somewhat willing to do story commissions for anybody who wishes to give me a premium membership in exchange.  That's right; I am going to do story commissions.  Whether or not anybody is interested in commissioning me or not remains to be seen.  Anyway, these are my terms as listed below.

1. I accept payment upfront before I even start writing.  If I don't have anything to show you within 30 days of payment, then I will give you the premium instead.
2. Contact me through note if you have an idea.  If, for one reason or another, you want to change your previous idea to a newer one, you are free to do so.  However, if you decide to change your story idea altogether after giving me payment, you can only do that within the first seven days.  Otherwise, I will only give you what you asked for prior to payment.
3. Try to be as detailed as you can with your idea.  The clearer your description, the easier I can plan it.
4. I will note you once I begin writing your story.  I will try to finish it as soon as possible, given the circumstances.  Which leads me to...
5. Don't screw me.  To be precise, don't change your mind about the commission after I have accepted payment and/or while I'm writing it.  That is also why I ask for payment in advance so nobody can con free stuff out of me.  I may have the patience of a potato farmer but that's no excuse for such a bone-headed decision.  So again, please don't screw with me.  It's not cute or funny, it's just a waste of time.
6. One slot per customer.  Nothing personal; it's strictly business.
7. I will only use a third party's OCs (OCs that belong to a user on or off DeviantArt) if I have their expressed permission in writing.  Pics or it didn't happen.
8. I reserve the right to turn down or renegotiate story ideas as I see fit.

What I will write:
:bulletred: tickling
:bulletred: foot fetish
:bulletred: bondage
:bulletred: hypnosis
:bulletred: non-fetish stories
:bulletred: third party OCs, but only with their expressed permission (pics or it didn't happen)

What I will not write:
:bulletblack: pedophilia
:bulletblack: zoophilia
:bulletblack: incest
:bulletblack: guro
:bulletblack: vore
:bulletblack: age progression/regression
:bulletblack: anything involving human waste (coprophilia, urolagnia, etc. [google them])
:bulletblack: anything that exists mainly to harm or humiliate another person/persons, whether they deserve it or not (grudge fics, I call them)


- 1 month membership = a short story with 1-2 characters and one tickle/"special" scene if desired.
- 3 month membership = a longer story with 3-4 characters and two tickle/"special" scenes if desired.
- 1 year membership = a much longer story with a maximum of 6 characters and three tickle/"special" scenes if desired.

If you want your fetish stories to contain nudity and to just be kinkier in general, keep in mind that I normally don't write that sort of thing.  But if you really want your story to have an automatic mature label (and assuming you actually have adult OCs in mind for such stories), then I will have to charge you extra.  If it's a 1-2 character story, I will charge you for a three month membership; if it's a 3-4 character story, I will charge you for a year's premium.  It's fair payment for asking me step outside my comfort zone.  Thank you in advance.

inb4 people hitting the "Back" button. =P

I think I have made myself rather clear.  Feel free to send me your ideas, friends or anon.  If this whole plan goes well, I might just open up commissions in the future on a regular basis. :) Who knows?





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